It's all about goddesses

Allow me to explain . . .

Last week, I spent three days in St. Petersburg, Florida, in an art workshop with Australian artist Tracy Verdugo. It was a great week for me, both because I was studying with Tracy and because I had my older daughter along for company. She lives in Charleston, so my husband drove from New Jersey to South Carolina with me, then flew home. Sara then drove with me to St. Petersburg. We had a great "girls' trip", and I had a fabulous time learning with Tracy and networking with the other women in the class.

Tracy and me. What a beautiful soul she is!

Tracy and me. What a beautiful soul she is!

We began a large canvas on the second day of the workshop and completed it on the third. I was thrilled when this lovely image emerged from the chaos layers. I see her as a winged goddess, though if you prefer to see her as an angel, then I'm okay with that, too. 


Once our workshop was over, I had to head home to New Jersey pretty directly, since I had a scheduled event on Sunday, June 3rd: the Day of the Goddess event at Lavender Koi Yoga in Berlin, New Jersey. I spent Friday night in a hotel in Virginia, where I made a handful of small ink goddesses on watercolor paper based on my painting, one of which sold at Sunday's event. Below, you can see a shot of the crowd in the space, the Winged Water Goddess (who did not yet sell), and what my set-up looked like.

Now I'm home, and settling back into something like a routine, all while starting to plan my space and products for the next two events I've got lined up this month. AND I am still working hard at my business studies, since I was fortunate enough to be selected as a grant recipient by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, in conjunction with the South Jersey Cultural Alliance, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and Creative Capital to be part of the Artist Professional Development Program. 

I'm also about to start a major decluttering/energy-clearing in the house. Think paring down, scaling back (when it comes to "stuff") coupled with raising the energy vibrations here using cheerful music (perhaps turned to the loud side), fresh air from open windows and doors, and some feng shui techniques like "clapping into the corners" in order to get any stuck energy moving, and burning a bit of incense in order to clear any stagnancy. It's something I do from time to time, and it definitely results in a house that feels lighter and happier.

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