Doing the work

This week, I've completed a collage/mixed media piece using handmade marbled paper and begun several new pieces.

Copyright Kelly Ramsdell 2017

Copyright Kelly Ramsdell 2017

Isn't this little bird cute? He's hand-cut from handmade marbleized paper, and collaged onto an 8"x10" canvas. He's moving into the "Art for Sale" gallery this evening.

The above images aren't full-sized (heck, it's a 24"x30" canvas), but they show the progression of the first four layers of a new larger work in progress. Below are two smaller pieces - the pastel smears are over top of a completed project on an 18"x24" canvas that really wasn't working for me. I already like it so much better than when it started. And the other is on a 9"x12" canvas board, showing the first two layers on a new collage. Those bright splashes were made by applying paint to actual maple leaves.

It's so much fun working with both summer and autumn palettes at the same time!